Individuals Testimonials







I didn't know what to expect from the workshop or how interesting it would be.

...its like I put myself in another time and was able to make sense of things. I was able to express myself in another way.

It was fun!"

Emlin age 14yrs.

(“Schools out for Summer” Workshop)



“...what I created represented my life. Doing it was like journey that gave me a chance to make sense of where id been. Talking through it with the group afterwards made it easier for me to express myself and for others to understand where im coming from”


Cash 31yrs


(“Put your cards on the table” Workshop)



“I learnt to let go of my inhibitions and discovered things about myself and other other people too. I realised that I wasn't alone and that other people cared.”


(Single Mum (19yrs) of Jade (18months)

(“Let to go..!” Workshop)



Private Clients and Endorsements:


“...after speaking with you, I always feel empowered and healed”



“Ros is very hard working and has a passion for the work she does, particularly in relation to vulnerable people. She has a great insight and sagacious ability to unlock the minds of her clients that were previously inaccessible considerable.

Sets a high standards and delivers! A joy and pleasure to work alongside.”


Mr G. Phillips

Managing Director

Top Drawer Properties


“I really enjoyed working with Ros Barthelmy. She has a very clear vision and follows through in a timely manner. I look forward to working with Ros again”

M Wong


Ros uses her knowledge and experience to help you achieve a positive and holistic approach to reviewing issues and detailing options for change.

Ms N


"Ros is a great Counsellor with a wealth of knowledge and experience . Ros has been my manager and I have enjoyed working within her team. I have received excellent Counselling Supervision which allowed me to express my emotions in a safe and Confidential environment. With Ros being my Manager, she encouraged Reflective Practice and was always there when needed support.

I would recommend Ros in offering Counselling, Supervision and Consultation."



"I can wholeheartedly vouch for Ros’s character and intentions to develop and communicate in a safe environment.

Ros offers professional, individual support. She is caring, always fully engaged and focused. I recommend Ros to support you, through creative experimental learning. These skills can enable you to restore your strength. Once you rid yourself of negativity and reestablish emotional equilibrium, you will you feel peaceful and capable of handling any challenging circumstances that arise."




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