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The Tree of Life Workshop.



Ros Barthelmy Counsellor / psychotherapist Organiser:Ros Barthelmy

Phone: 07939 871 586 Date & Time: 14th January 2016, 10am - 1pm Cost: Free of charge Location:Hackney, London.



The Tree of Life Workshop enables people to talk about their lives in ways that makes them stronger.


During the workshop participants will create their own Tree of Life that involves identifying their “roots” (where they come from), family and friendship networks, where they draw their strengths from, their skills and knowledge, important people in their lives their hopes, dreams and aspirations. The group will explore, beliefs, cultures and family traditions and discuss what is useful for self development and personal growth.


The group is a supportive network that can help empower participants to explore and discover valuable life lessons that can help then feel more powerful to be able to draw strength from their own resources and feel more hopeful about their future.


About the Host


Ros Barthelmy is a Person Centred Counsellor using therapeutic and experiential creative personal development techniques to support Change and Growth.



2016 Tree of Life of Workshops. Dates tbc.


22nd February 2016.

Creating Your Dreams from Within (Vision Boards) Work Shop. .


13-19 June 2016.

Creative and Wellbeing Week 13-19 June 2016 Work Shop and Summer Exhibition.


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