M Creative Art-as-Therapy.


...what is it?


When words are not enough, we turn to images and symbols to tell our stories and in telling our stories through Art, we can find pathways to wellness, healing, recovery and transformation. complement and support traditional and complementary health practices and interventions.


There has been a lot more recent evidence that connects the positive benefits of the “arts and well-being” from

Art Therapy to the more recent up turn in Doodling and Colouring Books.


For example, in the Creative Vision Board Workshops, the vision board process involves you creating a collage of pictures, words and quotes that align can you to what you want to attract more of in you life.

In this capacity, Vision Boarding is based on the

'Law of Attraction” which suggests that when we focus on something with the right feeling and intention, we are more likely to manifest it in our lives for ourselves.


There is no need for any prior experience of Art or skill needed as these are "Creative Experiential" workshops about the benefits of Art making and not Art Therapy Groups.



"What are some of the Benefits of using Art-as-Therapy"


Using Creativity can complement and support convential mental and physical health practices and interventions. Using creativity may seem less threatening than some of the more traditional talking therapies and make you feel more at ease.

If you are interested

in Creating some Creative Art or sharing some Art that you have Created please use the contact form below & Express Your Interest!

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