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I am a fully qualified Person Centred Counsellor in Private Practice. As a therapist one of my most notable skills is being able to build trusting, therapeutic relationships with my clients and provide a safe, confidential environment to begin exploring difficulties in order for you to be able to develop the skills to feel confident in finding your own solutions.


Counselling, talking and being heard with empathy and without judgement offers you the space and confidentially to express yourself, explore your feelings and emotions about issues which may be causing you distress in order to come to a more balanced and meaningful place in your life. Equally, many people who come to counselling are simply curious to learn more about themselves and to develop self awareness.


I am an experienced therapist who can help you to heal your past, live your present, and create your future. You may have become aware of certain repeated or destructive patterns in your life but feel unable to prevent them from happening - it may seem as if your choices have been taken away leaving you feeling powerless. Counselling can help you begin to recognise why negative patterns or unhealthy relationship issues may have developed and continue to present themselves. Although understanding the past is an important part of the therapeutic process, actual change can only happen in the present. Counselling can empower you to develop a stronger sense of yourself and create the life you want.


Counselling with me can help you to:

Make sense of the events that brought you to counselling and together we can find a way forward

Explore and share your feelings and emotions in a non-judgemental, safe space

Acknowledge the continuing impact of past experiences and explore how you can become less affected by them

Unlearn negative and destructive patterns and instead learn positive ways of managing situations differently

Improve your relationships as well as that with yourself

Discover, accept, heal and love who you are

Increase your confidence and self esteem

Illuminate opportunities that lie ahead.


I offer an impartial, non-judgemental person-centred approach and stay open to your experience. I pay attention to how your present situation may be influenced by your past, notice how you are in the ‘here and now’ as well as the ‘there and then’ which is a useful way of working out 'where and when' to change. During the sessions, I work with you to get a better understanding of what you are going through and reflect back aspects of your life as I experience them, so you can consider them from a different perspective.


Telephone and Online Live Counselling through Skype.

Some clients find online or telephone counselling useful. My online service can appeal to those who are seeking flexible therapeutic support and guidance to fit in and around lifestyle, business, work and home commitments. This service can also be more convenient for those; living or working abroad who may have difficulty talking to someone face to face,

have individual issues around their identity being revealed and prefer anonymity have mobility issues or those who are unable to visit my practice due to distance.


I work with a number of high profile clients who find my Telephone and Online counselling service particularly attractive as it offers an alternative and equally strictly confidential avenue to receive support eliminating the need to visit me at my practice.


Training & Experience.

I have an extensive professional background of co-ordinating Inner- City London specialist family support and front line services. My work includes working with offenders, domestic violence, members of the afro-caribbean, family relationships and substance misuse. One of my specialisms is working with male clients who initially feel that counselling may not be for them or that counselling doesn’t work.




I am registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) and adhere to the BACP Code of Ethics and Good Practice.


I am also a member of The Person Centred Art Therapy Association (PCATA).


I have personal indemnity insurance and receive regular professional supervision.


I offer Supervision and Consultancy.



Ros Barthelmy.









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Mobile: 07939 871 586

Skype: nurcha.it

email: nurcha.it@gmail.com





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